Strength & Conditioning

We are dedicated to bring out the best in our athletes by offering the most qualified staff and a strength
program based on prioritization that helps our athletes get stronger.

Our goal is to provide an environment that inspires and motivates a mentality that instills work ethic
and consistency in all our athletes to help them achieve their goals and get to the next level, whatever that may be.

We ask all our athletes to communicate with us about their schedule so that they can use their
communication skills in other areas of life. We work to prepare them for communication with teachers, coaches,
college professors and bosses.

All of our athletes develop a solid foundation with basic strength training. With experience, sport specific modifications are made to each athlete’s workout to achieve the right balance of explosive power and muscular endurance.

“Hard Work Beats Talent, When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard” – Steve

Kids Playing Basketball

Gym Records


Slade H330Jesse S405Curtis W360
Jesse S315
Kole S402Kole S355
Ronnie C305
Slade H400Jesse S355
Kagen K300Kagen K360Andy N340
Ken R300
Andy N352Kagen K335
Tyler F300Brock S345Jared G325
Brady S295Bo H340Josh J320
Mikey E290Ronnie C340Tyler F320
David K290Josh J335Brady S317
Trevor D285Evan K335Josh A305
Jesse S230Jesse S320Jesse S480
Brady S220Ken R310Slade H450
Tyler F220Kagen K300Kole S445
Ronnie C205Curtis W285Ronnie C410
Ken R205Ronnie C280Kagen K405
David K200Mikey E280Brock S390
Curtis W195Andy N275Evan K385
Joey M195David K275David K385
Rylan O190Josh J265Mikey E385
Josh J185Zach H265Bo H375


Meagan D180Anna G125Emma S210
Tawnie K175Megan D120Brooke Y207.5
Brooke Y167.5Sierrah H110Adeline R207.5
Emma S165Emma S110Hana F205
M Keast160Emilie H107.5Megan D190
Hana F155M Keast105Morgan J185
Sierrah H155Hana F105Emma D180
Sydney K155Brooke Y105Sierrah H175
Adeline R155M Kaleva102.5Piper W175
Makenna L150Tessa B100M Keast170