At Pfahler Sport Specific we provide specific skills training depending on your sport. We’ve found this type of training, when combined with regular practice, can seriously accelerate improvement.

This is true, not only for our typical high school athletes, but across our spectrum of students, from 3rd graders to college athletes. Whether you’re training for Basketball, Football, or any other sports, Pfahler Sport Specific will provide high class training to help you reach your potential.


Strength & Conditioning

All athletes develop a solid foundation with basic strength training. With experience, sport specific modifications are made to each athlete’s workout to achieve the right balance of explosive power and muscular endurance.
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Combining our years of experience coaching and playing the game of basketball, we aim to teach sound fundamentals while pushing our athletes to reach their full potential on and off the court.
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Speed & Agility

Improve quickness, speed, acceleration, change of direction and reaction. Workouts are designed for athletes to increase performance and minimize injury.
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"When I began playing in the NFL and needed a place to train to get ready for the NFL season, it was an easy decision to choose to work with Steve at Pfahler Sport Specific. His knowledge, attention to detail, and passion are second to none. I would highly recommend Steve to any athlete looking to improve his/her strength, speed, or quickness. Training with Steve over the years has been a vital component to my success as a football player. "

Colt Anderson

"If you’re looking to improve your performance; no matter the level you’re competing at Steven is where you need to be. If you choose to share your goal of being the best you can with Steven, he will hold you accountable and lay down a regimen for you to achieve that goal. If you choose to be your best know it won’t be easy but it will be worth it. Making the choice to train with Steven early in my career changed my life and how I approach my daily work."

Jordan Tripp

"PSS gives athletes a great advantage to reach their full potential and prepare for high levels of competition in college and professionally. Working while using the correct techniques allows athletes to gain strength, confidence, and a resilience to injury. Training at PSS has allowed mt continue to improve and grow each year as a professional basketball player. I would not be where I am today without PSS!"

Brian Qvale